Welcome to Sea Level New Zealand. A resource for New Zealand sea level rise information. All Mean Sea Level (MSL) values here are given as Absolute Sea Level (ASL), i.e. they have been corrected for subsidence and/or Vertical Land Movement (VLM).

Click on a location below to see an interactive graph showing current and historical Mean Sea Level (MSL) for that location. You can choose a start and end year and then see a updated graph of annual Mean Sea Level along with the associated annual rate of Mean Sea Level rise and acceleration for the selected period. Standard Deviations of each annual MSL value are also given for the NZ locations. There is also a facility to estimate future Mean Sea Level based on the available historical data.

Below are some selected locations from outside of New Zealand to enable comparisons with the rest of the world. I'll be adding more as I get the time.

The below summarises the above five NZ locations in one graph. It gives the annual rate of Mean Sea Level rise for the selected period for each location in the table below the graph corrected for subsidence and Vertical Land Movement (VLM). To see additonal information including acceleration, annual Standard Deviations and a facility to estimate future Mean Sea Level for an individual location, click on the location above or in the below table.

Location Mean Annual Change (mm) - Standard Error (mm)
Auckland +/-
Taranaki +/-
Wellington +/-
Lyttelton +/-
Dunedin +/-
Mean +/-

Please note when using the graphs on this site that at least 50-60 years of Mean Sea Level data is required to establish a robust long term trend.

I've created an R Shiny app which fits various degree polynomials to the observed data for the above locations. It produces p-Values, R-Squared, F-Statistic, t-statistic and standard error values along with the coeffecient estimates from the resulting regression analysis for each degree polynomial. You can find the R Shiny app here.

This site is a work in progress. So more locations and features coming soon.

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